Graphic Design, Instructional Design, Multimedia, Copywriting, Fine Art.
Designs with the client in mind - Persuasive Design conforms and creates to suit diverse needs

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    Concept - the main ingredient... I can use my creativity and resources to conjure up the perfect imagery to convey your message in a poignant way.
    The thing about a good design is that when you look at it, you think that it could not have been done any other way, even though there are countless choices and decisions.
    Need help with technical writing, work instructions, copy writing, surveys or "all of the above," I can help you to fill-in the blanks.
  4. MEDIA
    I can bring it all together to give you the desired effect, whether it be a printed piece, online and/or animated presentation.
Welcome to Persuasive Design! 
I have spent countless hours creating and manipulating words and images through my keyboard
to produce engaging informational digital media. Content Development and Design - It's what I do.
Presentation  Media
Graphic Design
Animated presentation design brings life to your ideas. I offer concept, direction and mobile design
Advertising & Marketing Design - Magazine Ads, Brouchures, Website Design, Banner Ads & Billboards
Instructional Design & Technical Writing
Photography  & Illustration
Procedure/Work Instruction is invaluable. I offer needs analysis, story-boarding, scripting, technical writing and assessment, animated visual tutorials, including voiceover - Content Development
Photography, illustration and info-graphics

About My Logo

This logo is based on ideals of design in nature. 
I am intrigued with the ‘mechanics of nature’ and the resulting aesthetics. I chose the nautilus, as the image to convey the utmost epitome of strength in form, function and design.
  1. Ad Design
    Dental Magazine Ad
    Concept, Photography, Photo-Editing, Copy Writing, Design & Typography
  2. Display Ad
    Display Ad
    Concept, Design, Typography
  3. K-12 Brochure
    K-12 Brochure
    Layout, Typography
  4. Corporate PPT Presentation
    In-house Corporate PPT
    In-house corporate budget proposal - research, content development, informational graphics, design, animation.
  5. Postcard Design
    Postcard Design
    Standard size postcard - Design, Photography, Copy Writing
  6. video tutorials
    Animated Video Tutorials
    Animated video tutorial modules that inform in a concise and engaging way.
  7. Logos
    Logo Development
    Scalable logo development
  8. Title 8
    Title 8
  9. Animated PPT Presentation
    Animated PPT Presentation
    Animated PPT Presentation - Content Development, Infographic design